counterfeit usd for sale
counterfeit usd for sale

counterfeit usd for sale 


counterfeit usd for sale


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counterfeit usd for sale

counterfeit usd for sale , The United States’ Fake 100 Dollar Bill ($100) is a type of United States currency. It was the first United States Note with this value that was release in 1862. The Federal Reserve Note version introduce in 1914, along with other denominations. Stateman and inventor, diplomat, and American founder Benjamin Franklin have been feature. The reverse of the bill since the year 1914. 3 On the reverse of the note is an illustration of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Which has been in use since 1928. The $100 note is the most expensive denomination that has been produced and circulated since the 13th of July 1969, the day that the denominations of $500 1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 were discontinued. 4. Since December of 2018, the life span of a $100 coin that is in circulation was 22.9 years. Before it’s chang due to wear.

The bills are also known as “Bens”, “Benjamins” or “Franklins” in reference to Benjamin Franklin’s face on them. As “C-Notes” which is a reference to the Roman numeral 100, or “blue faces” that are inspire by the blue hue of Benjamin Franklin’s face on. The current design of the bill. The bill is among two denomination issues today that doesn’t feature an image of a president from the United States; the other is the $10 bill with the portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

Fake 100 Dollar for Sale:

It’s also the sole denomination to have the building which isn’t located within Washington, D.C., which is Independence Hall located in Philadelphia on the reverse. The time displayed on the clock on the reverse of Independence Hall on the reverse according to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing It was around 4:10. 5 It is speculate that this could be referring to 4/10 also known as April 10. Which is the century-day. The latest colorized notes show 10:30.

The Series 100 cents bill for 2009 was revealed on the 21st of April and then released to the general Public on October 8th 13. The new bill costs 12.6 cents to make and is adorn with an emerald ribbon that is woven into the central part of the coin that is adorned with “100” as well as Liberty Bells, alternating, which appear whenever the currency is the tip. counterfeit usd for sale

Currency: Canadian Dollars ( C$)

Country:  CANADA

Status: Top Quality Fake 100 Dollar Bill

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Availability: 3 – 5 days

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Fake 100 Dollar Bill

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