Home Office announced that the Student Route for International Students has opened on 5 October 2020 earlier than the planned date of 01 January 2021.Student visa routes will be open for the EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in the same way as non-EEA students.

The Student Route and Child Student Route of the UK’s new points-based immigration system will replace current Tier 4 General Student and Tier 4 Child Student visas.

The UK Government announced an ambitious target of recruiting 600,000 International Students to Higher Education System each year by 2030, as set out in the International Education Strategy published in March 2019. There will be no limit on the number of international students who can come to the UK.

As per the Home Office press release dated 10th September 2020, the Student Route and Child Student Route have opened early from 5 October instead of 1st January 2021.

You will require a total of 70 points to be granted entry clearance or leave to remain. You will achieve the required points if you can demonstrate that they you have an offer from an approved educational institution i.e. CAS (50 Points), meet English language requirement (10 Points) and meet financial requirements (10 points) are able to support themselves during their studies in the UK.

UK Government wants to retain the brightest and the best students to continue to live and work in the UK to contribute to the UK post-study i.e. after successful completion of higher studies and hence the Graduate route will be launched in the summer of 2021.

New Graduate Route will allow those who have completed a bachelor degree at a UK Higher Education provider to stay in the UK for two years and if you have completed a PhD degree you will be allowed Graduate Visa for three years.

Under the Graduate Route, you can work at any skill level and will not need sponsorship. You can also switch into work routes if you find a suitable job with a UK employer who is on the Sponsor Register for Skilled Worker or into other work categories where switching is permitted.

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